We are eager to impart professional competence to student’s aspiring talents.

Achieving a dream may appear to be an uphill task. You need a trustworthy mentor to motivate, guide, and handhold you to achieve it. Medical and engineering entrance exams have been tough turf to fight. Lakhs of students from around the country attend the exam each year. Of those, only a few thousand succeed in cracking the exam and getting enrolled in the elite institutions.

Becoming one of the few selected lots is not that difficult anymore. We can help you accomplish the feat of gaining admission to the top medical and engineering institutions. We have been proving it since our establishment in 1984. Brilliant, Pala has been the trusted entrance coaching institute in Kerala since then.

Our successful saga of close to four decades is adorned with stories of the success of our students. We won pole position among the medical and engineering entrance coaching centres in Kerala through sheer commitment to the students. We have been receiving accolades from parents and students both, for our meticulous coaching process.

You are welcome to the best entrance coaching centre in Kerala. We are here to ensure that your dream of cracking entrance exams, including NEET and JEE, comes true.

Overview of Brilliant’s Entrance Coaching 

We have been pursuing a meticulous pedagogical method since the initial days of establishment. The tutors at Brilliant update the coaching process, the pattern of questions, and test procedure according to the amendments and modifications in the entrance exams.

By instituting upgraded tuition techniques, we remain the best one among the Kerala entrance coaching centres. We are one of the most chosen tuition centres not only in the state but also in South India. We have various programs, designed depending on the needs of the aspirants, at our entrance coaching centre in Kerala.

One Year IIT JEE/ NEET Coaching Program

Get yourself ready for the next year’s engineering and medical entrance. We employ a formulated coaching method to help you gear up to perform the best. One of the best entrance coaching centres in Kerala, we have a strong legacy of supporting numerous students in obtaining admission to IITs and AIIMS.  The one-year IIT JEE and NEET coaching is intended for medical and engineering hopefuls studying in XI or about to complete the XI class.

Two Year  IIT JEE/ NEET Coaching Program

Not many entrance coaching centres in Kerala have been able to deliver results with a two-year entrance coaching programme like us. You can join this exclusively designed coaching programme if you are appearing for the Class X exam or have appeared already. Systematically devised by integrating both online and offline classes, the coaching by our proficient tutors would prepare you for the entrance test. Their consistent support, constant feedback, and proper guidance would help you crack the test with an excellent rank.

Two Year Integrated AIIMS/ JEE Advanced Program

You must be equipped enough to face the hard questions in the medical and engineering entrance battleground. A knowledgeable tutor, who understands your strengths and weaknesses, is the right person to be by your side in this scenario. He or she will infuse you with adequate knowledge and clarify even the most intricate concepts methodically. Thereby, augmenting your confidence and making you capable of winning the top rank. We are offering you the AIIMS & NEET batch and the IIT (JEE Advanced) batch as part of the two-year integrated entrance coaching program.

Online JEE/ NEET Coaching

We are one of the top Kerala entrance coaching centres with advanced online teaching facilities. The well-defined teaching process would alleviate the limitations in online tuition and offer the best coaching. Our professional tutors will monitor each student and customise teaching according to the student’s capabilities. Constant feedback after classes and mock tests would help him or her significantly improve performance. Through this, you can join one of the best entrance coaching centres in Kerala without having to travel to Pala, Kerala.

Crash Course – NEET / JEE MAIN & KEAM

The crash course aims to prepare the candidate with ample knowledge in a short time. The pedagogical techniques used, the way coaching is done, and the notes provided would differ from a full-fledged entrance coaching program. We are fortunate to have established a systematically devised, target-centric, and effective crash course. We are the top entrance coaching centre in Kerala offering an innovative crash course.

Why Brilliant for your Entrance Coaching?

Medical and engineering entrance coaching has an undeniable role in making the aspirant successful. Brilliant Study Centre Pala has been undertaking productive entrance coaching since 1984. It gives us immense pleasure to find numerous doctors and engineers around who were our students once.  Renowned as the best entrance coaching centre in Kerala, we assure you:

  •         Dedicated entrance coaching
  •         Handpicked expert tutors
  •         Systematic coaching process
  •         100% support throughout

To know more about our entrance coaching programs and to join, contact us right away.


  1. 1. Is entrance coaching necessary?

NEET, JEE and other entrance exams are attended by lakhs of students from around the country. Scoring excellent marks is the only way to become one among the selected few. The preparation would be smooth and effective when supported by experienced tutors. Even though the student can consider preparing themselves, it may not help crack the entrance. Hence, it may be considered necessary to join a proven entrance coaching centre.   

2. How to confirm which is the best entrance coaching centre?

It may be a difficult task to confirm which is the best entrance coaching centre. Explore the entrance coaching centres around, determine how long they have been offering entrance coaching, check the track record, ascertain the coaching method, and enquire the alumni to confirm which is the best entrance coaching centre.

3. Is entrance coaching in Kerala costly?

Many renowned entrance coaching centres in Kerala offer entrance coaching at phenomenally lo fees. The only thing that the student must assess is the reliability of the entrance coaching centre before joining, not the fees.

4. Which is the best entrance coaching centre in Kerala?

Established in 1984, Brilliant, Pala is known to be one of the best entrance coaching centres in Kerala.

5. Is hybrid entrance coaching available in Kerala?

One of the best entrance coaching centres in Kerala, Brilliant, Pala and a few other entrance coaching centres offer hybrid entrance coaching, integrating both online and offline classes.