Given is the list of students from Brilliant Study Centre who got admission to various engineering institutions in India in 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020. While tracing the journey of Brilliant over the years, through our quality education and mentoring, we have been successful in creating toppers for the JEE Main, JEE Advanced, KEAM Engineering, and other engineering entrance exams. More than half of the students from Kerala who get admission to the premium engineering institutions in India are from Brilliant


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In 2023, 1000+ students from Brilliant got admission to IIT, NIT, BITS, IIIT, IISER, NISER, IISc, CMI, and ISI. Considering the IITs, IIT Madras is the top engineering institute in India. In the NIRF ranking, IIT Madras has secured the first position as the best institute among the engineering colleges in India. This year, 38 students from Brilliant got admission at IIT Madras, 15 students at IIT Bombay, 5 students at IIT Kanpur, 9 students at IIT Hyderabad, 7 students at IIT Kharagpur, 6 students at IIT Guwahati, and 4 students at IIT Roorkee for various B.Tech courses.

After IIT comes the National Institute of Technologies (NITs), and this year, 354 students from Brilliant were admitted to the NIT institutions in India. Three students were admitted to IIST, three to IISc, and fourteen students to the various IISER institutions in India. There are 26 IIITs in India, and they are the most prestigious institutions in India after IIT and NIT. Fifty-four students from Brilliant got admission to the IIITs.

In 2021, a total of 175 students were admitted to IITs, 254 to NITs, 13 to BITS institutions, 14 to IIITs, and 35 to IISER institutions. Considering the IITs, seventeen students got admission to IIT Bombay, two students got admission to IIT Bhubaneswar, four to IIT Delhi, six to IIT Dhanbad, five to IIT Gandhinagar, ten to IIT Guwahati, fifty to IIT Madras, thirty-two to IIT Kharagpur, nine to IIT Roorkee, and seven to IIT Varanasi.

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