Brilliant Medical Victory Day 2023 – Medi Ruby Fiesta 2023

Brilliant Study Centre hosted the 40th Brilliant Medical Victory Day on July 8th at Vijaya International Convention Centre, Thiruvalla. Brilliant Medical Victory Day is the largest gathering of the NEET Toppers, conducted every year to honor the achievements of the NEET Toppers from Brilliant Study Center. This year, the event “Brilliant Medi Ruby Fiesta 2023” welcomed all the NEET 2023 toppers from all across the Brilliant campuses in Kerala with more than Rs. 1 crore in cash awards. The presence of eminent personalities from the fields of education and politics was also a highlight of the event.

The NTA declared the NEET 2023 results on July 13th 2023. Arya R S became the first rank holder in the state with a score of 711 and an AIR 23. In the female category, she secured AIR third 3rd for the NEET 2023 examination. Among the first 20 ranks, 19 were secured by the students of Brilliant Study Centre. Jacob Bivin came second with 710 marks followed by M.S Sreehari with 705 marks, Nithish P with 705 marks, Asna Sherin with 703 marks, Lintu Johnson with 700 Marks, Samaah Mubarak with 700 marks, Gouri Binu with 700 marks, Sharon Mathew with 700 Marks and Roshan R Nair with 700 marks.

Medi Ruby Fiesta 2023

July 8, Saturday

From 9 AM

Vijaya International Convention Center. Thiruvalla

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Cash Awards, Medals & Momento

All the NEET 2023 toppers who scored more than 680 marks were awarded with a cash prize, a gold medal and a momento. Students who got marks more than 600 were given a gold medal and a momento.

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Honorable Chief Guests for the Event

Brilliant Victory Day is known for the panel of eminent dignitaries who address and honor the NEET Toppers. This year also, we had the presence of influential personalities from the fields of Indian Administration, politics, and Education to honor the NEET Toppers. Given below are the chief Guests for the Brilliant 2023 Medical Victory Day.

Smt. Veena George

(Hon. Minister for Health and Woman & Child Development, Govt. of Kerala)

Shri. V N Vasavan

(Hon. Minister for Culture, Cinema, Co-operation & Registration , Govt. of Kerala)

Shri. P Prasad

(Hon. Minister for Agriculture , Govt. of Kerala)

Shri. Roshy Augustine

(Hon. Minister for Water Resources, Govt. of Kerala)

Other Main Guests

Shri. M R Ajith Kumar IPS(ADGP Law & Order)
Shri. Anto Antony(MP)
Shri. Jose K Mani (MP)
Shri. Thomas Chazhikadan (MP)
Shri. Mani C Kappan (MLA)
Shri. Job Michael (MLA)
Dr. Arun S Nair IAS (District Sub.Collector of Idukki)
Shri V.G Vinod Kumar (SP, VACB Eastern Range Kottayam)
Shri. Jossy Mathew Porunnolil IRS(Assistant Commissioner , GST)
Shri. Jyothish Mohan IRS (Additional Commissioner , Income Tax)
Shri. Georgekutty Augusthy (Director, Kinfra Film and Video Park)

Medi Rubi Fiesta 2023 Event Highlights

Brilliant Medical Victory Day is the most anticipated event for all the NEET aspirants at Brilliant Study Center. As the word “Victory ” signifies, we honor the success, the effort, and the hard work of our NEET toppers on this day. Apart from the success celebration, the day witnesses the gathering of the proud parents who have stood with their children throughout the NEET preparation

This year’s Brilliant Victory Day was conducted on July 8 at the Vijaya Convention Centre. Around 6,000 people, including the NEET 2023 toppers and their families, attended the event. We had an eminent panel of influential personalities from the fields of education and politics address the NEET toppers.

The event started around 9 a.m. with the welcoming of the Chief Guests, directors, NEET toppers, their families, and all the Brilliant staff by Mrs. Mayarani C. S., our teaching faculty from the Zoology Department. To invoke the blessings of the Almighty, the welcome was followed by a prayer song sung by our NEET 2023 Topper, Lakshmi Dineesh. She scored 605 marks for the NEET 2023 examination and was a student from our NEET Repeaters Batch. The official function began with the welcome speech by the director, Shri. Stephen Joseph. Shri.Ramesh Babu, father of Arya R. S., delivered an emotional and proud speech on his daughter’s achievements after the welcome speech

Jacob Bivin, who scored 710 marks for the NEET 2023 examination, shared his NEET preparation journey with the Brilliant BTS batch. His concluding speech was followed by the felicitation speeches by our chief guests and the prize distribution for the NEET toppers. The felicitation speech began with Shri. Ashad S. Thiruvalla, DYSP. Addressing the NEET toppers, he delivered a motivational speech, congratulating all the toppers. He distributed the cash award, gold medal, and memento to the students who scored 685 marks in the NEET exam.

Shri. Mani C. Kappen, MLA, presented the cash award, gold medal, and momento for the NEET topper Linto Johnson and for the students who scored between 685 and 683 after the felicitation address. Lintu Johnson, who scored 700 marks for the NEET exam, received Rs. 2 lakh as the cash prize. The rest of the students received Rs. 5,000 as cash prizes.

The felicitation speech of Shri. Mani C. Kappen was followed by the speech of Shri. Jimmy Joseph, sir. He is the municipal counselor of Pala. Along with the brilliant director, Santhosh sir, he presented a gold medal and a memento for the NEET toppers.

Shri. P. Prasad, Hon. Minister of Agriculture, after addressing the felicitation speech, presented the cash award to Nithish P. Shri and to the students who scored 686 marks for the NEET 2023 examination. Nithish P received Rs. 4 lakhs, a gold medal, and a momento.

Shri. Job Michael, MLA, delivered the felicitation speech. He presented the cash prize, gold medal, and memento to students who scored between 681 and 685. This was followed by the felicitation address and prize distribution by Adv. Thomas V. P. for the students who scored above 670.

After this was the official inauguration by the chief guests, directors, and NEET toppers. Shri. V. N. Vasavan lit the lamp and inaugurated the function. He delivered the key note address and presented the cash prize, gold medal, and momento to M. S. Sreehari, Asna Sherin, and the students who scored above 690 marks for the NEET exam. M. S. Sreehari received a 4 lakh cash prize, and Asna received 3 lakhs, respectively, along with a gold medal and a memento

The next part was the crucial part of the event. Shiva Kumar sir did the result analysis of the NEET 2023 Exam from Brilliant Study Centre. He read out the NEET 2023 toppers’ list along with the cash awards. The result analysis was followed by felicitations by Dr. Arun S. Nair IAS, Shri. Thomas Chazhikadan MP, Rev. Fr. Jilson Joseph, Shri. Kodikunnil Suresh MP, Shri. Jose K. Mani, and Shri. M. R. Ajith Kumar IPS. Shri. M. R. Ajith Kumar IPS presented the award for the NEET 2023 topper, Arya R. S. She received a 10 lakh cash prize, a gold medal, and a memento.

This was followed by the prize distribution by Smt. Sheeba Rani and felicitations by Shri. Jyothish Mohan, Smt. Veena George, Shri. Joseph Mathew Porunnolil IR, and Shri. Ranjeet G. Meenabhavan. Smt. Venna George presented the cash award, gold medal, and memento to Jacob Bivin. He received a cash prize of Rs. 5 lakh. The official ceremony ended with a vote of thanks by actress Kumari. Darsana S. Nair

Rajeesh Cherthala’s two-hour mesmerizing flute performance marked the end of the entire event. Rajesh Cherthala is an Indian musician and flutist who has played on more than 150 songs for Indian movies. He is well-known for his live fusion music performances that combine several musical genres, including Western, Carnatic, and Hindustani. He performed old songs for Brilliant Medical Victory Day, which raised the event’s level of nostalgia

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