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Rank College NameState Merit Last RankType
1Govt. Engineering College, Kozhikode 162Government
2Govt. Engineering College, Thiruvananthapuram 273Government
3Govt. Engineering College, Kottayam 406 Government
4Govt. Engineering College, Thrissur 486Government
5TD Engineering College, Alappuzha602 Government
6Govt. Engineering College,Parippally, Kollam 686Government
7Govt. Engineering College, Kannur695 Government
8Govt. Engineering College, Ernakulam696 Government
9Govt. Engineering College, Idukki 706Government
10Govt. Engineering College, Palakkad 1208 -MUGovernment
11Govt. Engineering College, Konni Pathanamthitta 1316-MUGovernment
12Jubilee Mission Medical College, Thrissur1457 Self-Financing
13Amala Institute of Engineering , Thrissur1798 Self-Financing
14Test Engineering College 2035Self-Financing
15Test Engineering College2163 Self-Financing
16Test Engineering College2400 Self-Financing
17Test Engineering College2473 Self-Financing
18Test Engineering College3257 Self-Financing
19Test Engineering College3963 Self-Financing
20Test Engineering College4016 Self-Financing
21Test Engineering College 4141Self-Financing
22Test Engineering College 4575Self-Financing
23Test Engineering College 4890Self-Financing
24Test Engineering College5200 Self-Financing
25Test Engineering College5301 Self-Financing