Amal Thomas

Hold on to your dreams and trust Brilliant…
I was a student at Brilliant Study Centre, Pala for three years during my two-year long-term IIT Programme at Chavara Public School, Pala and one year Repeaters Programme at Brilliant. Brilliant not only provided me proper guidance in all three subjects, but also taught me time management skills and efficient learning techniques. Brilliant had always ensured that their students were given the best learning and stress-free environment, providing us with well experienced and talented teachers, facilities, and motivation. Transforming me from an average school student to an IITian, my words aren’t enough to express my gratitude. Brilliant has helped numerous aspirants achieve their dreams and will continue to do that in the future. So keep dreaming and trust in Brilliant. With a little bit of effort on our side and help from Brilliant, nothing can stop us from achieving the impossible.

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